Mass email sent to me from a account

UAH uses a product called Emma for some email campaigns. The Office of Marketing and Communications has empowered specific users to send their own mass mailings through Emma. In April 2020, a change was made to Emma. OIT has been consolidating and revamping domains, and this was deemed necessary to maintain the deliverability of all of our emails on and off-campus.

Those who receive the emails may be interested to know that the message from an address is legitimate. Those who send emails need to be aware of the change in case they notice the difference. They were all contacted on April 10, 2020 via email from Andrea Thompson. The information in the following comes from the notification that was sent to Emma users about the change.

What does this mean for your email campaigns? It's a very small change really. The sender email address from all of your accounts will change to as opposed to All sender email addresses were already changed to this new domain. Emma does give users the ability in the system to change this sender email address when setting up an Emma email (in the final pop-up before scheduling). Emma users have been asked to not change this email address. The image below shows that the Sender email field is auto-populated with the If Emma users would like to have people reply to a different email, that option is available.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 9.34.51 AM.png


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