Checking for Dually-Enrolled Students

Sometimes it's necessary to check whether or not a student is a “dual enrolled” student (which means that he or she is enrolled at A&M, UA, or UAB, for example). Those who are enrolled at both schools have the option to take advantage of resources such as online library materials. To find out if a student is enrolled at UAH and another institution:

  1. View their LDAP record with
  2. View the eduPersonEntitlement attribute
  3. If it is filled in at all, they are dual-enrolled; it will probably just show urn

NOTE: The full value doesn't display in the OIT User Services Portal due to a display anomaly. If it's present at all, it should have the correct two values. We don't use that attribute for anything else, and only those we add it to have it at all (it's optional). The full values look more like: 


Note that the and parts in each denote access to each of the other campuses 



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