Can I use Google Classroom?


As of June 2020, UAH faculty and staff have access to Google Classroom. It's the basic level (join only). Canvas is our official campus Learning Management Systems (LMS), not Google Classroom. We have no intention of leaving Canvas, and UAH faculty will not be using Classroom to teach classes (spreading classes across two LMS platforms would be confusing for all involved and insupportable).

Why did we enable "join" level Classroom? We did it because some other schools are using Classroom; in order for a UAH faculty or staff member to join a Google Classroom (as a student for a class hosted outside of UAH with their official account), it must be enabled in our domain for them.

That means that any faculty or staff can now join a Google Classroom that's hosted outside the domain, but creating a Google Classroom course or class is intentionally not allowed. UAH faculty should use Canvas.



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