Software Center notification ("Software changes are required")


Instructions for how to start required Windows updates through Software Center.


Users may see the following popup about required software changes on their Windows computers:

screenshot of Windows notification titled "Software changes are required" with a description stating "Your IT department requires changes to the software on your computer. Click here for options."


When clicked on, it usually opens a window with the options to run updates now or schedule for later. Users can choose whichever option they prefer. If a reboot is required and the user has checked "Restart my computer automatically if needed," a warning prompt will usually come up before rebooting so that users' work can be saved.

screenshot of Software Center window with the update options described above


If the scheduling window described above does not pop up when the "Software changes are required" notification is clicked, then users should run the updates manually through Software Center by following the steps below:

  • Use the search box at the bottom left near the Start Menu to search for Software Center. Click the icon in the results to open it.

screenshot of the Windows search bar results for "Software Center" as described above

  • When the window fully loads, click "Updates" on the left. Pending updates are listed in the right pane of the window. They can be clicked on to schedule individually or "Update All" can be clicked to go ahead and run them.

screenshot of Software Center's "Updates" tab as described above


The notifications should stop at this point until another necessary update or patch is pushed out and needs to install.




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