Why accounts cannot be shared between users


An explanation of why accounts and passwords are not allowed to be shared at UAH.


As per Section 1.1 of 06.01.02 Security of IT Resources, UAH students, staff, and faculty cannot share passwords. Additionally, as per Section 2.0 of 06.01.03 Appropriate Use of IT Resources, UAH users cannot share their account(s) with other users. These measures are in place in order to ensure that UAH and its network are as secure as possible; in order to efficiently track what happens on the UAH network, we must be able to track any and all network activity to one specific user. If users were allowed to share accounts, this would become nearly impossible.

If you absolutely need an exception to be made, please provide a detailed case as to what exactly you need an account to be shared for and why this particular case should be an exception, then submit a ticket to the Help Desk so we can escalate it to our security team; they will review your case, and let you know if it is accepted or denied, along with any compromises they need to make in order to ensure UAH's security.



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