Library of Illustrations Available


Need free illustrations?

For use in: Slide decks, videos, and Canvas course pages and tools

Need some New Millennium-style illustrations that are both legally licensed for use and ready to drop into your slide decks or course content?

Check out the library of illustrations available from Craftwork.Design (just click on a collection and scroll down to see the details of its contents). There are several already available to you. See this comprehensive guide for more information. Additional design and UX resources exist at Craftwork.Design and can be acquired upon request by emailing with a subject line: ATTN: Online Learning / Illustration Request. You may request multiple collections and use them as often as you wish, including sharing with UAH colleagues.

These graphic files can be used in any software into which you can import a graphic such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive suites (MS Office [PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word], Google Drive [Docs, Slides, Sheets], Canvas [pages, assignments, discussions, quizzes], and blogs or social media posts.

Transparent PNGs are best as they allow you to put them on backgrounds and overlay with other graphic elements. TIP: When placing graphics into Canvas or other programs that allow you to set a graphic size in pixel dimensions, start with a width of 300-500 pixels to make the file sizing manageable. Otherwise, they can be too large to wrangle down to the proper size using only the "handles." Don't forget to alt-text/alt-tag your graphic for screenreader access!

If you need help using graphics, include that in your ticket and we'll be happy to set up a meeting to work with you.



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