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Academic Affairs had begun the implementation phase of Faculty180 by early February 2020. The second stage of the implementation, Faculty Activity Reporting (FARs) was scheduled for Spring 2020.

This process was for all Colleges and all full-time faculty (lecturers, clinical, tenure-earning, and tenured). Faculty should refer to their College‚Äôs administrators to determine specific submission requirements. All faculty members were encourage to follow the process and meet all deadlines.  The deadlines are not negotiable and follow the faculty Handbook

Support for faculty provided by the UAH Enhanced Teaching and Learning Center. Throughout the open period, they will provide multiple opportunities for training and support. All trainings will occur in the FRC (Shelby Center 133, in suite 129). Training dates were announced for February 2020 and more sessions were taught in March 2020. Faculty members were encouraged to register for one of the training sessions.

If you experience any issues while working on your FAR, please email for assistance. The Faculty180 Governance Committee will also be reviewing any issues that you have during this initial implementation.  Please speak to your college level representative on the Faculty 180 Governance Committee, or the co-chairs, if you should need any assistance or would like to suggest any changes/impacts/improvements to the process. Attached to this email is the Faculty180 Governance committee representatives and co-chairs.  You may also email if you have questions that your representative may not be able to answer (i.e. log-in errors, documentation upload issues, course information not showing correctly, etc.).

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Faculty180 is a tool designed to organize and report on teaching, research, and service activities