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Account Access

Login issues and account maintenance for UAH services and computers

Wi-Fi, Network and Telecommunication

Wi-Fi, Wired Network, and office phones

Canvas and Learning Technologies

Canvas, Clickers, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Turnitin, and Qualtrics

Classroom Technology

Smart Boards, Smart Podiums, instructor desktops, projectors, and audio-visual equipment in classrooms

Desktop Computing

Computer/workstation hardware and software

Instructional Design and Online Learning

Topics and resources specific to course design, online learning, and the QEPO (Quality Educational Practices Online) process required for faculty to teach online.

Email, Calendar, and G Suite

G Suite apps and desktop email clients

myUAH and Banner

Enterprise UAH system maintenance, integrations, and development

Data Center/Systems

Virtual Machines, High Performance Computing, Data Center Hosting, Active Directory services, and shared file access


Application or account breaches, policy violations, theft or compromise of data/equipment, and other security matters


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Resources for the creation of ADA-compliant digital files, Web pages, and documents.

Articles (2)

Checking for Dually-Enrolled Students

Find out if a student is a dual enrollment student.

UAH Telecommuting Resource Information Portal (TRIP)

portal for teleworkers to resources, support, and network