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Login issues and account maintenance for UAH services and computers

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Pinned Article Password Reset

Set your Charger password at

Campus IDs

Information about Charger IDs and A numbers.

Changing and Updating Your UAH Password While Working Remotely

Instructions on how to update the password on your UAH issued computer while using it off campus.

Charger Status Login Help

This is for prospective members who need help with Charger Status login problems.

Entity Email Addresses and Punctuation

An entity account email address may not have a a period in the username.

Faculty and Staff Email Accounts - What Happens Upon Separation

Help for departmental staff who need to access email accounts for their former colleagues.

Former students who wish to unsubscribe from UAH mass email

Help for former students who don't wish to receive mass email from UAH.

How to access Space Hardware Club file share

How to access Spare Hardware Club file share

How to Grant Proxy Access to Your Banner Account

Instructions on how to grant access for a parent or guardian to access your Banner account for paying bills or viewing information.

Self-help Charger Password Reset

Details on using the Self-Service Password Reset tool.

Update Your Contact Information in Banner

Prepare now for a need you will likely have in the future! Most people need to reset their password at some point. Go ahead and store your personal email address and mobile phone number in Banner. Also, answer the security questions. This will set you up for success using later.

Xfinity On Campus

UAH students who live on campus have access to Xfinity On Campus. This is a service coordinated through UAH Office of Housing and Residence Life. The only aspect that OIT supports is the login process because access is authenticated by using the resident's Charger ID and password.