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Help for former students who don't wish to receive mass email from UAH.
Make sure you don't lose your files or GSuite information connected to your student account.
Google 2-Step Verification: enforced for staff/faculty/emeriti on December 13, 2021 and students in September 2022
A note regarding a change coming to Google Workspace storage.
Set your Charger password at
Prepare now for a need you will likely have in the future! Most people need to reset their password at some point. Go ahead and store your personal email address and mobile phone number in Banner. Also, answer the security questions. This will set you up for success using later.
Help for departmental staff who need to access email accounts for their former colleagues.
General tips on how to send email campaigns successfully.
Details about the features offered by the Google Sync app for Outlook that are unavailable through IMAP.
Information about Charger IDs and A numbers.