FAQ's: Google 2-Step Verification

Email messages sent by faculty and staff at UAH often contain confidential and proprietary information. In order to enhance our current security and safeguard all of our users, UAH faculty, professors emeriti, staff, and students are required to enable Google 2-Step Verification. UAH email is provided through Google via Gmail, which is part of Google Workspace; other apps in Google Workspace include Calendar and Drive.

What is 2-step verification?

When you log into any system, the first verification is your username/password combination. The second part of a 2-step verification is something that goes further to verify the user’s identity. Google offers several options for their 2-step verification. The options include code via text, phone call, pre-defined backup code, and generating a code on demand - even if your mobile device is offline.

For more information about Google 2-Step Verification, please click here.

How do I set up 2-step verification?

Setting up 2-step verification should take less than 10 minutes. Just follow these instructions to set up 2-Step Verification for your account.

How is this different from Duo?

Google 2-Step Verification is similar to but separate from Duo. Both utilize a second factor (commonly a mobile device) to add an extra layer of security to your UAH accounts.

For any SSO systems like Canvas and myUAH, Duo is required. For any Google Workspace products like Gmail and Drive, you will use Google 2-Step. See below for more examples.


Google 2-Step Verification

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets

Get Help

If you have questions or need help, please send an email to helpdesk@uah.edu, call 256-824-3333, or chat with us by clicking here.


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