How Can I Use Google 2SV Without a Mobile Phone?


Google 2-Step Verification offers several options for verifying your identity without a mobile phone. Click a link below to learn about a few available options.

Ready to add an alternate second step to your UAH Google account? Learn how.

Codes via Phone Call

2-Step Verification phones can be set up for text messages or voice calls. If you have a phone that can only receive phone calls, such as a desk phone or landline, consider adding it as a voice call phone for Google 2SV.

An automated call will be sent to your voice call phone containing your 6-digit verification code.

Authenticator App

Google Authenticator is an app available for tablets as well as mobile phones. This app generates a six-digit code you can enter during sign-in and works even if your mobile device is offline.

Tip: Did you know you can use Duo Mobile in place of Google Authenticator? Learn how to set up Duo Mobile for Google 2-Step Verification.

Learn more about Google Authenticator at Google Account Help.

Backup Codes

Backup codes are 8-digit codes that you can print out and keep with you in case you lose access to other second steps. Each backup code can only be used once. You can generate a new set of codes or delete your current codes at any time.

Learn more about backup codes at Google Account Help.

Passkeys and Security Keys

Passkeys allow you to use your fingerprint, face, screen lock, or a hardware security key as your second step. 

Learn more about passkeys at Google Account Help.

Note: Google's Sign in with a passkey instead of a password feature is not enabled for UAH accounts. However, Passkeys can be used as a second step for Google 2SV.

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