Service Catalog

Categories (12)

Account Access

Login issues and account maintenance for UAH services and computers

Wi-Fi, Network and Telecommunication

Wi-Fi, Wired Network, and office phones

Canvas and Learning Technologies

Canvas, Clickers, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Turnitin, and Qualtrics

Classroom Technology

Smart Boards, Smart Podiums, instructor desktops, projectors, and audio-visual equipment in classrooms

Desktop Computing

Computer/workstation hardware and software

Email, Calendar, and Google Workspace

Google suite of apps and desktop email clients

myUAH and Banner

Enterprise UAH system maintenance, integrations, and development

Data Center/Systems

Virtual Machines, High Performance Computing, Data Center Hosting, Active Directory services, and shared file access


Multi-factor authentication, application or account breaches, policy violations, theft or compromise of data/equipment, and other security matters


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Resources for the creation of ADA-compliant digital files, Web pages, and documents.