Multi-factor authentication, application or account breaches, policy violations, theft or compromise of data/equipment, and other security matters

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Account/Application Breach

Issue with account or application breach?

CrowdStrike (Antivirus)

In 2021, OIT upgraded UAH's endpoint security by deploying CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection software to all UAH-owned computers and systems.

CrowdStrike May Be Able to Allow Your Application

If your application won't run on your computer because it's blocked by CrowdStrike, please contact OIT.

Google 2-Step Verification

OIT supports Google 2-Step Verification for enhanced security of Google Workspace.

InCommon Signature Client Certificate

This form is used to request a InCommon Signature Client Certificate. Once the form is completed, a ticket will be created and a certificate administrator will initiate the creation process. Once the process is initiated, you will receive and email with a link to create the certificate.

Duo (2FA/MFA)

Need assistance with Duo/two-factor authentication?

Phishing or Spam

Issue with spam or phishing email?

Security Request

Need assistance from cybersecurity personnel in OIT?


Need help removing virus or malware from your workstation?