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Services or Offerings?
Need a network drop to be installed in a UAH building?

Need a network service not listed specifically?

Need to connect a device to the UAH network?

Need UAH network access for a campus visitor?

Experiencing a wired network connectivity issue on campus? Is there a problem in your office or residence hall?

Need assistance remotely connectng to UAH's network for Network Folders or Remote Desktop?

Experiencing performance or other issues with UAH's Wi-Fi network?

Need assistance connecting to UAH's Wi-Fi network?

Need assistance with a device off the network due to policy violation?

Need a buried phone or network cable marked in anticipation of on-campus digging?

Need a change to or additional Network Drive/central file sharing services?

OIT coordinates the telephone transfer and network connectivity change only.

Need access to UAH's Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

What are the policies for using the networks on campus?

Do you need technical support for your event?