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Read about the features of the OIT Portal.

Experiencing a wired network connectivity issue on campus? Is there a problem in your office or residence hall?

Issue with spam or phishing email?

Access tokens must be requested and approved by ETLC.

Need assistance with your email, calendar, or other Google Workspace app?

Issue with your email, calendar, or other G Suite app?

Need help from OIT regarding the purchase of new hardware or software?

If your application won't run on your computer because it's blocked by CrowdStrike, please contact OIT.

Need a network drop to be installed in a UAH building?

Experiencing an issue with software used on your workstation?

This form is used to request a InCommon Signature Client Certificate. Once the form is completed, a ticket will be created and a certificate administrator will initiate the creation process. Once the process is initiated, you will receive and email with a link to create the certificate.

Need assistance with Google 2-Step Verification (multi-factor authentication for Google Workspace)?

Need a network service not listed specifically?

If you're having problems with the Charger Healthcheck site or any other website that isn't on the domain, then we can help. Just let us what website it is, what web browser you're using, and what the problem is.

Need assistance with

Read more information about UAH's Single Sign-On.

Experiencing an issue with your workstation?

Need training on how to use Google's suite of applications?

Do you need technical support for your event?

Need assistance with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Need assistance with myUAH?

Need assistance with services or devices hosted in the Data Center?

Need assistance remotely connectng to UAH's network for Network Folders or Remote Desktop?

Faculty and Staff who retire from UAH are allowed to keep control over the email account they used while actively employed at UAH.

Need assistance using this desktop backup service?