Entity Accounts and Google Groups

The following will help you decide whether you need an Entity Account or a Google Group.

Entity Account

An entity account is a real email address that has its own inbox and sent mail.

Use this if you want to:

  • Save email history in a single place
  • Post a contact email on a website or in a publication
  • Do business using this email address
  • Communicate one to one with your customer as a spokesperson for your organization

To request an entity account, please complete this form.  

Google Groups

Google Groups are best used for collaborating among groups of UAH users.

Use this if you want to:

  • Plan an event or project among several members
  • Share primarily with UAH domain email addresses
  • Collaborate with two way conversations among the whole group
  • Maintain a single archive of conversations among the group

To request a Google Group, please complete this form.

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