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UAH offers eduroam, a wireless network that is broadcast at many educational institutions globally. UAH students, faculty, and staff may use UAH credentials to access eduroam at any participating institution. If you need assistance with connecting to UAH's wireless network, please select this service.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff as well as those already using eduroam at other campuses who visit the UAH campus.


  1. UAH guests who have come from an institution who offers eduroam may access the UAH wireless network with their home institution's credentials.
  2. UAH users may access the eduroam network at other participating institutions with their UAH credentials.
  3. Temporary Wi-Fi access is available through UAH Get Connected as an alternative to eduroam. See this article for more details.

Key Features

eduroam uses a form of "federated login;" there is a hierarchy of eduroam servers responsible for authenticating eduroam users who are not located at their home institutions. When you visit another institution, your phone or computer will make a secure connection with the UAH authentication servers, facilitated by the intermediary servers provided by eduroam.us and eduroam.org. Your password is not visible to the intermediary servers because the connection with UAH is cryptographically secured "end to end" - from your device all the way to the UAH data center. The fact that you are a UAH affiliate will be visible to the institution to which you travel, however.

The first time you connect your device to eduroam, most systems will ask you to install the UAH certificate into your trusted certificate store. Once you confirm this, in the future, your system should cryptographically verify that the same certificate is being used to connect to eduroam as the one you installed initially. If you travel to another institution, and your device reports that the certificate has changed, this would be an indication that your connection with UAH may not be secure. The OIT Network Services team can assist with verifying the certificate if you receive this message and are unsure of its legitimacy.

After you have connected to eduroam, be aware that you are using the network at the institution to which you travel, and their terms of service will apply. Your traffic will travel through their network infrastructure, not UAH's. This traffic may therefore be subject to that institution's monitoring, security, and logging measures. UAH will only log the fact that you were able to successfully log into eduroam at that location.


Must have a Charger ID and password.


This service is offered free of charge to students, faculty, staff, and researchers for business and academic purposes.

Getting Started

  1. Use the UAH Get Connected wireless network or your mobile device's data plan to visit this site and use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool. It guides you through the best steps for getting connected. Pay close attention to them because accessing a profile the way it's described may be something you've not done in the past.
  2. When prompted for username and password, enter your official UAH email address (ChargerID@uah.edu) and Charger password to connect to eduroam.

Note: Omitting @uah.edu from the username will result in a failed login attempt.

More Information

eduroam is a wireless network that is available at UAH, as well as at other universities. Once you set up eduroam at UAH, it already works at UAB, UA, Georgia Tech, LSU, and many other universities; there is no further setup necessary when you visit. Also, your friends and colleagues from other participating universities can visit UAH and use eduroam, assuming they set it up before they left home.

Click here for more information about eduroam or click here to browse the participating institutions in the US.


Please contact the OIT Help Desk if you have problems or questions regarding eduroam. You can contact the OIT Help Desk by submitting a request, emailing helpdesk@uah.edu, or calling 256-824-3333. Visit www.uah.edu/oit/contact for our hours of operation and a link to our chatbot.

Affiliates of other eduroam member institutions should seek assistance from their home institution with connecting to eduroam. It is easiest to test the eduroam configuration at home before traveling. If eduroam is set up correctly, it will work equally well at any university where eduroam is available, including UAH.

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