Wi-Fi, Network and Telecommunication

Wi-Fi, Wired Network, and office phones

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Wireless connectivity is available in all buildings and in many outdoor locations on campus.


Tabletop phones and app-based calling are available, including voicemail, international calling, and advanced call routing.

Wired Network

Wired connections are available in all buildings, providing fast, reliable connectivity.

Advanced Networking

UAH operates and maintains flexible and robust global, local, and on-campus connectivity options.

Services (7)

UAH ResNet Policy

What are the policies for using the networks on campus?

Wireless Printing

Wireless Printer Configuration

Name/Address Service (DNS)

Need a change or addition to DNS listings?

SSL Certificate

Need a change or addition to security certificates?

Policy Violation

Need assistance with a device off the network due to policy violation?

Locate Cable

Need a buried phone or network cable marked in anticipation of on-campus digging?

Other Network Service

Need a network service not listed specifically?