Wi-Fi, Network and Telecommunication

Wi-Fi, Wired Network, and office phones

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• Campus Wireless Network (aka wifi)
• Wireless Performance Issues


• Campus Phone Line Request/Changes
• Voicemail Assistance

Wired Network

Seeking assistance or need to report an issue with Wired Network, such as in a residence hall or office?

Services (7)

UAH ResNet Policy

What are the policies for using the networks on campus?

Wireless Printing

Wireless Printer Configuration

Name/Address Service (DNS)

Need a change or addition to DNS listings?

SSL Certificate

Need a change or addition to security certificates?

Policy Violation

Need assistance with a device off the network due to policy violation?

Locate Cable

Need a buried phone or network cable marked in anticipation of on-campus digging?

Other Network Service

Need a network service not listed specifically?