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Self-Service Banner is one of the two interfaces of Banner, an administrative software application used by the university to maintain student, financial aid, finance, and human resource data. This interface is widely used by students, faculty and staff to display and manage personal and academic information or perform certain tasks or procedures. It is different from Internet Native Banner (aka Banner 9 or Banner Admin).

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Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff


Self-Service Banner provides tools such as class registration, academic records, financial aid acceptance, and human resource data such as hours worked and tax information.

Key Features

  • Access class schedules
  • View Midterm and Final Grades
  • Accept Financial Aid
  • Pay tuition and bills
  • Input Worked Hours
  • Research Scholarships
  • Retrieve tax documents
  • View benefit information (Staff)
  • View course information (Faculty)


  • UAH Student
  • UAH Faculty or Staff member
  • Internet access
  • Compatible web browsers (Up-to-date Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)

Getting Started

You can access SSB pages from myUAH or by visiting, clicking Enter Secure Area, and logging in with your Charger ID and password.

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