Phishing or Spam

If you have received a questionable email, please DO NOT RESPOND to the message. In Google Mail, it is possible to mark the email as phishing or you can add a message to your spam filter for unwanted messages by clicking the “Report Spam” button. Please note that OIT does not typically send campus announcements for individual cases of phishing.

If you've already responded to the message by clicking on any link and entering you login and password, it is advisable to do the following.

  • Visit and reset your password to a new and complex value that only you know (a unique, long, and complicated password is always best - over 8 characters with a mixture of letters, number, and with mixed case).
  • Check your accounts to make sure no one has logged into them and made changes.

If you need assistance with spam or phishing email, please complete this request form.

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