Password Reset

UAH offers two self-service options for resetting your UAH account password.

Self-Service Password Reset Tool

Forgot your password? Use our Self-Service Password Reset Tool at to reset your password. This option also works if your password has expired or if your account is locked.

Self-Service Password Reset Tool  Learn How to Use the Tool

Don't know your A-number? The OIT Help Desk is happy to assist you; please contact the us in one of the following ways:

  1. Send an email to and include a photo of yourself holding your driver's license.
  2. Visit the OIT Help Desk on campus in the Salmon Library between 9-5 Monday-Friday. Be sure to bring your photo ID.
  3. If none of these options are possible, you can fax a copy of your photo ID, along with your signature to 256-824-5623. Please note that we will only verify through this method if the information and photo are legible. Many government issued ID's have counterfeiting prevention features that make faxes illegible.

Once we have confirmed your identity, we will reset your Charger password for you. After getting your password reset by an OIT staff member, we strongly suggest you visit to change your password to something only you know.

OIT User Services Portal

The OIT User Services Portal allows you to change your UAH password as long as you know your current account password.

  1. Visit the OIT User Services Portal ( and log in with your Charger ID and password.
  2. Click the My Password(s) tab at the top of the Welcome box.
  3. Enter your new password and then re-enter to confirm.
    • Note: Your new password must be alphanumeric, mixed-case, and 8-15 characters long.
  4. Select the systems you wish to affect. OIT recommends leaving all options selected.
  5. Click Change Now.
  6. A pop-up confirmation window will appear. If there was an issue, you will receive an error message here.
  7. Close the window and make note of your new password.
  8. Log out of the portal.

Which Passwords Do These Tools Reset?

The OIT User Services Portal provides you with the option to select which systems are affected by your password change. You can choose to select one or both of the following:

  • Charger Account (LDAP)
  • Google Apps

In comparison, the Self-Service Reset Tool affects your "Charger Account (LDAP)" password.

When you change your "Charger Account (LDAP)" password, you are simultaneously changing your Charger password, your password for OIT's Active Directory domain, your "LDAP" password, and your Google Apps password (for the accounts). Because the LDAP password is being changed, Single-Sign-On systems are also going to use the new password. When you change your "Google Apps" password, you're changing only your UAH email (this also applies if you use an email client, such as Outlook).

The following is a subset of the systems affected by resetting your Charger password: myUAH, Canvas, Qualtrics, Chargerware, Panopto, Self Service Banner, the UAH wireless and wired networks, and desktop computers registered on OIT's Active Directory domain (including computer labs in LIB and BAB).

Most computer labs on campus are not currently using the Charger password, so this change will not affect the desktop computers in the Engineering Building or Olin B. Technology Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Account Locked?

If you have tried the wrong password with your Charger ID three times, your account could become locked. To unlock your account, use the Self-Service Reset Tool, contact the OIT Help Desk, or simply wait seven hours before trying again.

Why Did My Password Expire?

All Charger passwords expire after 180 days due to the interim policy for Network, Computer, and E-mail Account Administration which states that “Passwords/passphrases shall expire every 180 days or less” (available on the UAH Policies and Procedures website).

Why Did My Password Reset Fail in Google?

Typically, the password requirements for your Charger password match up with Google's password requirements. However, if you are receiving an error stating that your password change attempt did not succeed for Google systems, it may be because your password did not meet Google's requirements. You can't use a password that:

  • Is particularly weak. Example: "password123"
  • You've used before on your account
  • Starts or ends with a blank space

Do I Have to Re-authenticate with Google 2-Step Verification After a Password Reset?

After resetting your password, you'll automatically be logged out of your UAH Google Account. You'll need to log back in and complete a Google 2-Step Verification prompt on a trusted device in order to regain access to your account.

Still having trouble?

Contact the OIT Help Desk by emailing or calling 256-824-3333.

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