Logging into OKT & ENG computer labs

Some of the Engineering computer labs now use the UAH password to authenticate. If you are having trouble logging into a computer, please try using reset.uah.edu to change your UAH password. Look at the login prompt to determine whether you are logging into a computer on the COE domain, UAH domain, or a standalone computer. It's it's the UAH domain, you'll need to use the UAH password used for UAH email, myUAH, etc.

For others in in ENG and the ones in Olin B. King Technology Hall (OKT) users should try the former "default" password for their accounts first. The format for that is the two initials as capital letters followed by the last 6 digits of the A-number. If that does not work, it is suggested that they contact someone in the Engineering department or College of Science per the list below.

Engineering Building
Olin B. King Technology Hall

Most ECE Windows labs have been switched over to the UAH Domain (this does not include the Linux labs). Below is a summary from Chris Hardy (as of February 13, 2024).

Windows Labs now on the campus Active Directory domain:
ENG 109 (EE 223, EE 384)
ENG 124 (Robotics)
ENG 144 (EE Senior Design)
ENG 225 (EE 316)
ENG 226 (CPE 325)
ENG 227 (EE 203)
ENG 228 (CPE 324)
ENG 229 (CPE/CBSY Senior Design)
ENG 264 (EE 384 Radar Lab)

Labs not on the campus Active Directory domain:
ENG 107 (Cybersecurity Lab, Local Accounts)
ENG 216 (Linux Open Lab)
ENG 246 (CPE Linux Lab)
ENG 247 (CPE Linux Lab Overflow)

Chris Hardy handles the accounts on these labs.
Any non-password issues with any lab, or any account issues with labs not listed should still be routed to Chris, as they are likely a research lab or a specialty lab.

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