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Charger Prints - Printing with the Wepa Print App

Instructions on using the Wepa Print App for printing to the Charger Prints Kiosks.

Desktop Software

Download software through Chargerware.

Does the UAH license for MATLAB cover Research use?

This KB supplies details to answer the question about whether or not researchers can use MATLAB software.

Google Shared Drive vs Windows Networked Drive

UAH offers two file storage solutions, "Windows Networked Drives"  and "Google Drive"

Publishing Web Content via

Instructions on how to log in and upload your content.

Using MATLAB in computing clusters, HPC centers, etc.

Information provided to OIT from Mathworks in November 2019.

Who can offer support in UAHPD?

Not all OIT staff and student employees are allowed in the UAHPD office area due to sensitive data that could be visible while there.