Jamf Self-Enrollment for MacOS

Faculty and staff can enroll their UAH devices either through an invitation email or the enrollment portal. Please note that this service is available for UAH-configured devices only.

** If you received an invitation email, skip to step 2.

  1. On the Apple device that needs to be enrolled, navigate to https://chargers.jamfcloud.com/enroll. In the username box, enter in your Charger ID (@uah.edu is not needed) as well as your usual SSO/email password and click Log in.

  2. When the next page loads, click the blue Continue button.

  3. A file will be downloaded to install the Jamf profile to your computer. Click any notifications you get to open it or open it from your Downloads folder.

  4. You should see a notification that you will need to review the profile in System Preferences in order to install it. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner and then System Preferences from the menu.

  5. Locate the Profiles icon in the System Preferences window and click it.

  6. Click the Install button in the top right corner, then enter in your Mac login password if prompted to approve the install.

  7. Once it completes the install you should see additional profiles populate in the left pane and some green text in the right indicating the MDM Profile is verified.

  8. The enrollment webpage should now display the following confirmation message. If not, refresh the page and it will appear.

  9. After successfully enrolling, you may also see some pop-ups as some configurations are automatically performed. The two main ones are typically going to be:

    - Falcon Crowdstrike - UAH's security software to keep your system safe from threats.

    - BeyondTrust  - Formerly called BOMGAR, it allows remote assistance to be provided when requested to your computer. It will place an icon in your main menu bar as well as one in your dock that looks like a little headset mic as shown below:
    BeyondTrust menu icon BeyondTrust dock icon
    By default it installs to a hidden folder in the Applications folder that still utilizes the BOMGAR name, so if you notice that among your app icons, it's typical behavior for BeyondTrust. You may also be prompted with a box to approve a setting to allow Screen Recording for BeyondTrust, which does need to be enabled. This just allows it to display your screen only during an active remote assistance session if necessary and is not something constant.

If you have any questions or issues after enrollment, please contact the Help Desk and we'll be happy to provide more insight or help sort out any problems.

For more information on using Jamf Self Service, visit this related article.

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