UAH IT Telework Capabilities

Using Active Directory (AD) connected computers remote:  The first time a user logs in on the computer, the computer must be connected to the UAH network (wired or wireless). This is required in order to cache the login information for that user. If taking the computer off campus (disconnecting it from the UAH network for later use), please first log in as the account that will be used remotely.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN): UAH uses Pulse Secure VPN. It is available to all UAH users. The VPN will allow users to access services that are restricted to the UAH network. 

Please note that many IT services do not require VPN. See examples below:

Does not require UAH Network Connection or VPN

  • Banner Administrative Pages
  • Self Service Banner (SSB)
  • Banner Document Manager (BDM) / Xtender
  • Canvas LMS
  • Google Workspace (including Google Mail, Docs, Hangouts, & Drive)
  • myUAH
  • Secure Shell Login (from most locations)
  • Jabber Phone application
  • Crashplan backup software

Requires UAH Network Connection or VPN

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Windows File Shares (
  • Printing to UAH printers

To configure the VPN connections, please complete one of the following:

Note: For instructions for how to determine if your campus computer is on the main campus OIT AD (, please see:

Once you complete your work on the VPN, please disconnect to free up capacity for others to use.

Google Workspace:

The various apps provided are available without the need of a VPN and are available across many platforms. Read more about Google Workspace here:

For example, you can use hangouts chat to not only chat but do a video call including screen sharing. You can use Hangouts Meet,, to host an online meeting. Including a Google Slide/Presentation in either allows you to use Audience tools to host Q&A sessions. With native google documents/sheets/etc., vs. Word/Excel uploaded to Drive, you can use real time collaboration. Google forms can be used to replace paper forms in most cases. Jamboard, while normally used with a physical smart whiteboard, can be used for a shared whiteboard via web and mobile app.

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP):  RDP is only available after connecting to the UAH network via VPN. Once connected to the VPN, you can use a remote desktop client to connect to your UAH computer. To do so, you will need the following before leaving the office:

  1. The computer being remote controlled will need to be powered on and not in sleep mode. OIT has disabled sleep and hibernate for all windows computers connected to the main campus OIT AD ( If you are not on this AD, please make sure you disable sleep and hibernate before leaving the office.
  2. Your user account will need to be added to the Remote Desktop Users group on the computer. OIT has added local users of a computer to the Remote Desktop Users group for all main campus OIT AD ( connected Windows computers. If not on the main campus OIT AD, you will need to make sure your account is listed in the Remote Desktop Users group before RDP will work. Contact your IT support to make sure you are added to the group.
  3. You will need the hostname or IP address of the remote computer you are wanting to remote into(office desktop for example). You can find your IP address by going to in a web browser on the computer to which you would like to connect remotely.
  4. If you use dual monitors at work, disconnect the second monitor before leaving. This will allow you to view the full screen area when using Remote Desktop.

If you have already left the office, are not able to use Remote Desktop and need to do so, please contact the OIT Help Desk (

Windows File Shares:  OIT’s Distributed FileSystem (DFS) shares are available once connected to UAH VPN using UAH owned IT devices. The shares may need to be mapped. If you need assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk (

If using a personally owned computer, please use Remote Desktop instead to better protect UAH data and not violate the Protection of Data Policy.

Google Shared Drives and My Drive:  Google Shared Drives are available outside the UAH network and are approved for FERPA storage, as long as the files containing FERPA data are not downloaded to non-UAH computers. For more information on using Google Shared Drives see:


  • Voicemail: Access your UAH voicemail: You can access your office voicemail from off campus by following the instructions.
  • Forwarding: Forward your office phone: You can forward your office phone in order to continue receiving calls on a phone of your choice.
  • Conference Calls: Hold conference calls: You can hold a conference call using UAH’s conference calling service, Conference Now.
  • Cisco Jabber:  To utilize your 824-xxxx phone number on your computer or mobile phone for both incoming and outgoing calls, you can utilize the Cisco Jabber app. To set up Jabber, go to from your computer or mobile phone. You will be taken to download the Jabber app. (You must visit this link on each device you’d like to use with Jabber. For instance, you could visit the link once on your laptop and once on your mobile phone.) More information:

eduroam:  The eduroam wireless network is not only available at UAH, but many places around the US and world. More information about connecting to eduroam is available at:

Finding eduroam locations:

Duo:  Duo will work from anywhere. You can even use Duo without an internet connection if you have the app downloaded to your smartphone. For more information, see “Passcodes”.

Technical Support:  The OIT Help Desk will be monitoring the ticket queue from 8-5 every day. UAH is currently open including weekends. 24x7 phone support is available, but the prefered method of contact is by emailing the OIT Help Desk at unless it’s an emergency.

Code42 (aka Crashplan): If you’re backing your desktop files up to Code42 for Enterprise, you can access files that you backed up to the cloud if your desktop becomes unavailable. You can restore that file from crashplan to where you are. To do so, go to: See this KB article for more information about using the service.

If using a personally owned computer, please do not download files that contain UAH sensitive data and violate the Protection of Data Policy.

Banner Access: Most Banner access does not require being connected to the UAH network. If you cannot access a banner system, please try from the VPN. If you still experience a problem accessing Banner, please contact the OIT Help Desk ( with details.

myUAH: This is a one-stop-shop to many of the commonly used web applications. Sign in using your UAH credentials. As long as the supporting systems are accessible, myUAH should function properly. If you experience any problem with myUAH, please make note of any errors and submit all related details about the problem to the OIT Help Desk (

Desktop Software: There are many products available for installing on your personal computer or UAH-owned computer. See Chargerware for more details. If you need assistance, please submit details about the problem to the OIT Help Desk (

Desktop Security: If you're using a personal computer for UAH business or a UAH-owned computer for personal business, please keep in mind that UAH has defined policies and procedures for data security in addition to what's protected by FERPA. See the definitions for the Information Technology division on the Policies and Procedures website. Many of the desktop software products available in Chargerware can be installed on your personal computer; see more details in Chargerware. If you need have a question about keeping your data secure or what may be stored or used on a computer, please contact the OIT Help Desk (

Scheduling and Coordination: One of the many powerful features of Google Workspace is the ability to schedule meetings and events through Google Calendar and invite attendees. If you will keep your calendar updated with free/busy information and share that appropriately, those looking to meet with you can see when you're available without it being necessary to complete a Doodle Poll or something similar. Please see this support page for more information and contact the OIT Help Desk ( if you have any questions.


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