Voicemail at UAH enables callers to leave a message when you are away from your desk phone, uninterested in talking on the phone, or otherwise unable to accept calls. It also provides the ability to take certain actions based on caller input - that is, to redirect calls based on numbers pressed on a caller’s phone keypad.

Setup Instructions

Once you have received a newly-ordered phone, or once an existing phone has been associated to your Charger ID by OIT, you will automatically receive a voicemail account as well. To set up your account:

  1. Press the tape button on your phone. (From off-campus, dial +1 256 824 2005 and enter your extension.)
  2. Enter the temporary PIN that was provided to you by OIT.
  3. Follow the prompts given by the Unity Connection system.

Basic Usage

When you have messages waiting, the handset on your desk phone will illuminate in red. To retrieve these messages, visit http://go.uah.edu/voicemail on any device with a Web browser.

It’s also possible to retrieve your messages by pressing the tape button on your desk phone, or by dialing +1 256 824 2005 and entering your extension. (You will need to provide the PIN you set upon first logging into your voicemail account.) While using this method:

  • To skip the current message, press 6. (The message remains stored.)
  • To delete the current message, press 76.
  • To rewind, press 1. To fast forward, press 3.

For a full list of button presses while dialed into Unity Connection, please review the “Alternate Keypad Mapping N” information located in this document.

Additional Features

Resetting your PIN

If you're not sure of your PIN, or if your PIN has become locked:

  1. Visit http://go.uah.edu/voicemail.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Passwords, then Change PIN.
  4. Enter your new PIN in both fields. It should be comprised of at least 6 numbers. (Avoid using a PIN others might guess. Certain PINs cannot be set, including PINs that you have used before.)
  5. Click Save.

If you have trouble with this procedure, or you are unable to use it, submit a service request, and OIT will reset your PIN for you.

Additional Greetings

Additional greetings may be recorded. Examples include:

  • A Closed greeting can be recorded that will automatically play instead of your Standard greeting when the University is closed.
  • An Alternate greeting can be recorded while you are out of town, to alert callers that you won’t be able to return their calls right away.

To record additional greetings:

  1. Visit http://go.uah.edu/voicemail.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Greetings, followed by View Greetings.
  4. Click the name of the greeting you desire to record. For example, to record a greeting that automatically plays outside of business hours, click “Closed.”
  5. Select “Enabled with no end date and time.”
  6. Select “My Personal Recording.”
  7. Click the circular record button on the gray recording controls.
  8. When the system calls you, answer, and record your greeting at the beep.
  9. When you’re done recording, click the square Stop button on the recording controls.
  10. Click Save.

Advanced Usage

Checking the messages for a different extension

To check the messages for another extension, dial 2005 from your desk, or +1 256 824 2005 from off-campus. When prompted for your ID, provide the extension whose messages you’d like to check. When prompted for your PIN, provide the PIN associated with that extension.

Receiving new message notifications via email

If a caller leaves you a message, the Unity Connection system can send you an email to let you know. If you’re interested in this feature, please submit a service request to have it enabled.

Caller input

If you’d like to make a greeting that offers callers the option of pressing buttons to transfer elsewhere, please submit a service request describing the nature of your requirements.

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