Wi-Fi, Network and Telecommunication

Wi-Fi, Wired Network, and office phones

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• Campus Wireless Network
• Wireless Performance Issues


• Campus Phone Line Request/Changes
• Voicemail Assistance

Wired Network

Seeking assistance or need to report an issue with Wired Network, such as in a residence hall or office?

Advanced Networking

Dedicated Ethernet circuits, campus dark fiber, peering with UAH, and more.

Network Resources for Teleworking

• Using Remote Desktop to access your office computer off-campus

Articles (5)

Accessing UAH Wi-Fi

Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the eduroam wireless network.

Connecting to the UAH VPN

Learn how to connect to on-campus resources from home or while travelling.

How to Find the MAC and/or IP Address for a Device

Instructions on how to find the MAC / IP address for your device.

Pulse Secure will be renamed to Ivanti Secure Access

The Pulse Secure software is being renamed. Both versions are supported.