Accessing Administrative Banner/INB From Off Campus


User is unable to connect to Banner Admin ( or ePrint while working remotely or not connected to the UAH network.


If on-campus, connect to the UAH wireless or wired network.

If off-campus, connect to the UAH network using the UAH VPN. Learn how to install and configure the campus VPN. To quickly check if you are currently connected to the UAH VPN, visit


Banner Admin, also called Banner Administrative Pages, Administrative Banner, or previously Internet Native Banner (INB)

Banner ePrint Reports


As of 12/15/2021, Banner Admin is unavailable from outside of the UAH network. As of Spring 2024, ePrint Reports is also unavailable from outside of the UAH network.

For security reasons, it became necessary to reconfigure these pages to make them accessible only from inside the UAH network or via VPN.

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