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Enterprise UAH system maintenance, integrations, and development

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Pinned Article Direct Links for myUAH Services

Direct links to myUAH-connected services in case of myUAH failure

Pinned Article How to Add Custom Links to myUAH

Instructions on how to add custom links to your myUAH dashboard

Pinned Article How to Search in myUAH

Instructions on how to find links and information in the new myUAH

Accessing Administrative Banner/INB From Off Campus

VPN is required to access Banner Admin or Banner ePrint Reports from outside the UAH network.

Banner form becomes unresponsive or "There is no saved output for ..."

Please use these steps if the Banner page you're using is is timing out or taking a long time to respond, Banner is becoming unresponsive, or you see an error "There is no saved output for the Process Name/Number in the database."

BDM/Xtender Web Configuration Settings

Instructions for setting BDM/Xtender.

Getting Started with Argos

How to access UAH Argos.

How to Access New Employee Training

Instructions for accessing new employee HR training.

Scanning with Xtender

How to enable scanning in Xtender and perform a document scan.

Who Provides Support for the PI Portal?

IT support for the PI portal is provided by RIS.

Why isn't Degreeworks loading?

Why is Degreeworks not loading or is loading to a nearly-blank screen?