Getting Started with Argos

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Accessing Argos is much easier then it has been in the past. It supports current generation web browsers, so you can use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Internet Explorer and Java configuration is no longer required.

  1. Go to and log in with your SSO credentials when prompted.

  2. After it authenticates you should see the main Argos Evisions page. From here you can choose how to access Argos - via Argos Web Viewer or the Argos client.


Argos Web Viewer

If you want to open the Argos Web Viewer, click the blue button and a new window should open with the Web Viewer.


Argos Client

For those that want to access the full Argos client, click the blue Argos button. If you have never used Argos before, you will see a box appear below it stating you may need to download the Evisions launcher. Click the link to download the file and open it afterwards.


With any prompts, tell your computer to allow the install, accept terms, and click Next. It should automatically close when it completes. Afterwards, click the blue Argos button again. You may have a browser prompt confirming that you want to use the Evisions launcher to open the link. Check any boxes to approve opening links like this with Evisions in the future, then open the launcher.

* This is from the Chrome browser, but others may have a similar message.

A new program window for Argos client should open afterwards.



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