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On September 28th, 2023, myUAH transitioned from its previous platform, Ellucian Luminis, to its replacement, Ellucian Experience. 

In this new version of the web portal, you are able to customize your myUAH experience. Your dashboard is made up of cards - individual modules centered around a specific category or topic. You’re able to add, remove, and organize these cards according to what’s most important to you.


To find specific links, topics, or information, try searching for keywords in the Discover menu.

  1. Log in to myUAH at
  2. Click Discover more at the end of your list of cards
  3. In the Find cards search bar, try searching for the link or other information you need. Cards containing that link or information will appear in your search results
  4. To add the card to your dashboard, click the bookmark icon at the top right corner of the card

Still Need Help?

If you need help completing these steps or experience an issue along the way, please contact the OIT Help Desk!

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