Tabletop Phones: Advanced Usage

Self Care Portal

This service is available to anyone with a UAH phone number.

The Self Care Portal allows UAH affiliates to control their phones over the Web. Available controls include:

  • Changing if and where your calls are forwarded
  • Enabling or disabling Do Not Disturb mode
  • Enabling or disabling the ringer on any phone line on your phone
  • Changing Speed Dial buttons on your phone’s display, if configured by OIT

To access the Self Care Portal, please visit

Conference Now

This service is available to anyone with a UAH phone number.

Conference Now allows the ad-hoc creation of voice conference rooms by anyone with a UAH phone number. To use Conference Now:

  1. Set a PIN using the Self Care Portal.
  2. Pick up the phone and dial 4700. (Or, from a non-UAH phone, dial +1 (256) 824 4700.)
  3. When prompted for the room code, enter your extension, followed by #.
  4. When prompted for the leader’s password, enter the PIN you set in the Self Care Portal, followed by #.
  5. Instruct your conference participants to dial +1 (256) 824 4700 (or simply 4700 from a UAH phone). They should then enter your extension, followed by #.

Here are some advanced tips for using the Conference Now feature.

  • If you are leading the conference from your UAH phone, you may use the controls on the display to remove conference participants as needed. Press the “Conf List” button to show the list of participants.
  • Conference participants may join up to 20 minutes prior to the leader joining the conference.
  • Feel free to combine this method with the more traditional method of adding conferences. That is, once you have dialed 4700 and entered the conference, you may also press the “Conference” (crowd of people) button on your phone and add more participants yourself.


This service is available to any group of at least two people with UAH tabletop phones.

The Intercom feature allows those phones within a predetermined group to immediately initiate a speakerphone conversation with another phone in the same group.

To enable this feature for your group, submit a service request including a description of the group, as well as the list of extensions that should be in the group.

To use this feature once it is enabled:

  1. Press the Intercom button on your phone’s display.
  2. Dial your colleague’s extension.
  3. Once two beeps sound, speak to your colleague.
  4. By default, this connection is in one-direction; however, your colleague may press the Intercom button on their phone in order to speak to you as well.

Here are some advanced tips for using the Intercom feature. (Please open a service request if you require these advanced facets of Intercom to be set up.)

  • If you have Speed Dial buttons on your phone’s display, this may be combined with the Intercom feature. Simply press Intercom, followed by your colleague’s Speed Dial, to start an Intercom conversation with that colleague.
  • Two groups or departments may request that their Intercom groups be interconnected. This connection may be in one or both directions; that is, group A may be able to Intercom group B, while simultaneously, group B may not Intercom group A.


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