Update Your Security Questions in Banner

One option for identity verification when using our Self-Service Password Reset tool is answering Security Questions. Set yourself up for success down the line by adding security questions to Banner!

Update Your Security Questions

Follow the steps below to update your security questions in Banner

  1. Log into myUAH with your Charger ID and password.
  2. Access the menu for Personal Information.
    • Students should navigate to the Student Services card and click Student Records > Personal Information
    • Faculty and staff should navigate to the Banner Links card and click Self-Service Banner (V.8) > Personal Information
  3. Click Change Security Question.
  4. Enter your SSO password when prompted to Please Confirm your Password. Then, choose a question, enter your answer, and click Submit to save the information. Repeat these steps until you have answered all 5 questions. Upon completion, the Personal Information menu will display with the message "Your changes were saved successfully." 
    • Note: Capitalization and spacing matter. Please take note of exactly how you answer each question. It's best to choose questions for which the answer will not change.

We also recommend updating your contact information. Learn how to update your contact information in Banner.

How to Access from Banner Self-Service

You can also access this page from the Personal Information menu pictured below by clicking the four white squares in the upper left corner and selecting Banner > Personal Information > Change Security Question

screenshot of Personal Information page as described above

screenshot of Personal Information menu as described above

Still need help?

To learn more about options for resetting your UAH password, please visit our password reset guide.

For further assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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