Why Can't I See the Add To Wallet Button in Transact eAccounts?


UAH student, faculty, or staff member does not have the Add to Wallet button in their Transact eAccounts app.


Add a Photo

Users who don't have a photo in the Transact System will not be able to add their Charger Card mobile ID to their wallet. To see the Add to Wallet button, first submit a photo to the Charger Card office. Learn how to submit a photo by visiting the Charger Card Office's Photo Guidelines.

Update Your Phone

Users should update to the latest version of their mobile device's operating system before adding their mobile ID to their digital wallet.

Incompatible Phone

If a user's device lacks NFC technology, the device will not have wallet functionality. You can check whether your device has NFC capability by visiting your device's settings.

International Phone/NFC Off

iPhones and Androids/Samsung devices from certain regions of the world may be prohibited from using mobile wallets or may have NFC turned off. Androids can also have NFC turned off as a battery-saving feature. If NFC cannot be used, the wallet functionality of the eAccounts app will not work.


Transact eAccounts mobile app

Still Need Help?

If you have additional questions about your Charger Card mobile ID, please contact the Charger Card Office.

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