Your New Charger Account

Welcome to the University of Alabama in Huntsville! As a new member of the UAH community, you have been issued a Charger account. This account will give you access to a variety of services and resources that are essential for your success at UAH. In this KB, we will explain what a Charger account is, how to activate it, and what services and resources you can access with it.

What is a Charger account?

A Charger account is a unique username and password that is assigned to every student, faculty, and staff member at UAH. This account provides you with access to a variety of services, including email, online course materials, and UAH's online portal. It also serves as your login for many other UAH systems, such as the wireless network, the library's online resources, and the campus computer labs.

How to activate your Charger account?

To activate your Charger account, you will need to go to the UAH Charger Account Activation page and follow the instructions provided. You will be prompted to enter your Charger ID and a one-time activation code that was sent to your personal email address. Once you have completed the activation process, you will be able to set your password and start using your Charger account.


Your Charger account also serves as your UAH email account, and you will be expected to check your UAH email regularly for important announcements and information from the university and your professors. You can access your email through the UAH portal or by using a web-based email client like Outlook Web App.

Resources and Services

Your Charger account gives you access to a variety of resources and services at UAH. This includes access to the library's online resources, such as databases and e-books, as well as the use of software and applications in the computer labs. You can also use your Charger account to log into the wireless network on campus and to access online course materials through the university's learning management system.


If you have any issues activating your Charger account or accessing any of the services and resources it provides, please contact the UAH OIT Help Desk at 256-824-3333 or visit the OIT website. The team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Congratulations on obtaining your Charger account and welcome to the UAH community. We hope that this KB has provided you with the information you need to take full advantage of all the services and resources available to you as a UAH student.

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