What to Provide to the Help Desk When Opening a Ticket

Be prepared to provide information when contacting the OIT Help Desk. Please help us help you!

The OIT Help Desk team will need to know certain information about the situation or question to help resolve it efficiently. You can expedite the process by including detailed information in your initial request.

Please note: Never provide sensitive data, such as passwords, government identification numbers, or cardholder data, to the Help Desk. 

Step 1: Gather information

  1. Have the following details ready when you contact the Help Desk:
    • Description of the problem, including both what is and what isn't working
    • Your expectations if things were working properly - in other words, what should be happening
    • Description of the steps to reproduce the problem, including date, time, and any troubleshooting steps taken
    • Whether the problem is consistent or intermittent; also, when the problem began
    • Whether the problem continues to happen on a different device, operating system, browser, or network
    • Types and versions of browser, operating system, and running extensions, including internet security, firewall, anti-virus, or pop-up blocking software
    • Legible screenshots showing the full URL and exact error message or condition
    • Your Charger ID and contact details, including an alternate/non-UAH email address and your phone number
  2. Gather other recommended information based on your specific issue. Find your issue below on this page

Step 2: Contact us

  1. For details about how to get support, please visit Contacting the OIT Help Desk
  2. Technicians most often reach out via email. If a technician requests any additional information, attach it in an email reply or make a new comment in our ticket portal

Additional information

UAH Account & Google Workspace issues

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Changing your password
Account is locked
Accessing your UAH email

Multi-factor authentication issues

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Trouble with Duo
Trouble with Google 2-Step Verification

Internet issues

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Connecting to eduroam (Wi-Fi)
Connecting to the wired network
Connecting to the UAH VPN

Desktop issues

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Downloading from Chargerware
Desktop software/hardware

Canvas, Zoom, and other learning technology issues

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Can't access Canvas course
Requesting a Zoom account upgrade

Tabletop phone issues

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No lights lit on the phone
No dialtone
Voicemail problems
Moving phones
New phone or change in service
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