Troubleshooting a Wired Network Connection

The Office of Information Technology is available to assist UAH students, faculty, staff, and guests who have lost wired Internet connection from their offices or dorm rooms to reconnect to the Internet. Before contacting the OIT Help Desk, consider the following.

1. Gather Information

Please be prepared to provide the following general information:

  • Are you a Student/Staff/Faculty/Guest?
  • Where is the connection location?
  • What time was the network connection lost?
  • Is this a new computer?
  • What is the computer's Make/Model?
  • What is the computer's Operating System?

2. Troubleshoot the Connection

Be prepared to troubleshoot the computer and network connection by working through the following questions:

  • Has this computer been moved from its original location?
  • For students, is your network cable plugged in to both your computer and the jack on the wall?
  • For faculty/staff, is your network cable connecting your computer to your office phone? Is your second network cable connecting your office phone to the jack in the wall?
  • Do you see NIC card link lights on?
  • Do you see a message of "Network cable is unplugged"?
  • Did you Install/Uninstall/Download any software/programs at that time?
  • Can you open the webpage
  • Can you open the webpage
  • Restart the computer. Is the problem still there?

If the problem persists there are two likely causes.

  • This is a network registration problem (e.g. Computer is registered in the wrong building or is not registered on the UAH network at all.) If this is the case, Network Services will re-register your computer.
  • This is a local user/hardware problem (e.g. Network cable is broken, NIC card is broken, No connectivity in office/dorm room, Virus/spyware blocking connection, hard coded IP/DNS address…) If this is the case, OIT will make an appointment with you to perform detailed network troubleshooting and testing of your computer and the network.

3. Contact Us

Contact the OIT Help Desk by submitting a ticket, emailing, or calling 256-824-3333. Learn about all the ways to contact us.

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