How to Find Your Computer’s Serial Number/Service Tag


A serial number is a unique identifier tied to a specific hardware product such as a desktop, laptop, or printer. This identifier may also be referred to as a service tag.

Please note some UAH computers come with a white or silver label listing the UAH inventory number. This is not the device serial number or service tag.

Click a link below to jump to instructions for your device model.

Already know your service tag? Learn how to use it to estimate the age of your device.

UAH Windows Computers

UAH-owned Windows computers that are configured on the campus Active Directory (AD) domain are pre-installed with the PCInfoGrabber tool. To quickly find your Dell service tag/serial number, simply run this tool:

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Search for “PCInfoGrabber” and select the app from the list of results
  3. Your PCInfoGrabber report will open in a browser window
  4. Your Serial number will be listed in your Basic Data

Dell Devices

Most Dell devices are labeled with their Service Tag somewhere on the outside of the device.

For specific instructions on where the Service Tag label is located on your Dell device, or to learn how to find your Service Tag if it is not listed on the device exterior, please visit Dell Support’s Find your Service Tag or Serial Number.

Apple/Mac Devices

Mac computers display their serial number on the About This Mac window. To open this window, click the Apple menu > About This Mac.

On mobile devices, visit Settings > General > About.

Learn about alternative ways to find the serial number of your Apple device on Apple Support’s Find the serial number of your Apple product.

Microsoft/Surface Devices

Surface computers display their serial number in the About window. To open this window, right-click Start and select Settings>System>About. The serial number will be listed under Windows Specifications.

Learn about alternative ways to find the serial number of your Surface computer or learn how to find the serial number for your Microsoft accessory on Microsoft Support’s Find the serial number on your Microsoft or Surface device.

Unsure? Have another type of device?

Many devices include their serial number/service tag in a label somewhere on the exterior of the device or in the system settings.

If you’re unable to locate the serial number/service tag of your device, an OIT Desktop Technician can assist. Submit a service request here.

Still Need Help?

If you need help completing these steps or experience an issue along the way, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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