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Advantages of Using Google Sync instead of IMAP for Outlook

Details about the features offered by the Google Sync app for Outlook that are unavailable through IMAP.

Email threads with recipients outside the domain are now labeled “External”

The email label "External" is automatically used on email threads *that include* a user outside

Google Account Lifespan - Don't lose your files when you graduate!

Make sure you don't lose your files or GSuite information connected to your student account.

Google Workspace Calendar Security Enhancement (Secret Address)

The Google Workspace administrators in UAH's Office of Information Technology received a notification about this enhancement and wanted to prepare our users and share the information.

How do I send a successful email campaign?

General tips on how to send email campaigns successfully.

Migrate Your UAH Email Account to Your New Alumni Account

How do I migrate my emails and files from my student account to my alumni account?

Why is the email subject showing the word [External]?

Email messages are, all of a sudden, showing the word External (in square brackets). Why? Can I make it stop?