Canvas and Learning Technologies

Canvas, Clickers, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Turnitin, and Qualtrics

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Canvas Support

Canvas is UAH’s learning management system (LMS). It is an online resource that allows for communication between faculty and students, online coursework, testing, and more.

Canvas: How to publish grades to Banner

This tutorial will outline how to publish your grades in Canvas to Banner.

Creating an Account in Qualtrics

How do I access Qualtrics?

Managing Panopto Recordings

Information on managing your recordings and making them available to download.

Panopto: Getting Started

How do I start using Panopto?

Panopto: Using Panopto to Record a Lecture

How do I start and stop my Panopto recordings?

Respondus Lockdown Monitor's facial detection function disabled

respondus monitor change per campus email on 3/30/2021