Canvas: How to publish grades to Banner

Important Update: The Registrar's Office will be rolling grades in Banner nightly (11:45 pm). This means that when grades are pushed from Canvas to Banner, any necessary grade changes in Banner need to be the same day. Students will be able to see their grade in Banner the next day, unlike years past where grades were held until all faculty had submitted. Any grades changed after they have been submitted and rolled in Banner will require you to submit a change of grade form. If you have any questions please contact

1. Verify that you have enabled a course grading scheme

  • Select Settings from the left navigation
  • Open the Course Details tab
  • Enable the Grading Scheme.

To learn more about enabling grading schemes in your course:

2. Verify the grades are correct in the Gradebook 

  • In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.
  • Ensure letter grades are correct in the Gradebook Total column
    • Delete assignments that were not used in the course
    • Check for missing assignment grades
    • Make any necessary point adjustments
    • Enter 0 for incomplete assignments

3. Sync grades to SIS

  • Click the Actions menu [1]
  • Select the Sync to Post Grades link [2]


4. Confirm Sync

  • Click the OK button.

Note: When grades are synced, Canvas will immediately initiate the grades transfer, but you may need to wait a few minutes before data appears in Banner.  If you click 'submit' on the grade screen in Banner during the sync process, you will overwrite the grades updated from Canvas.

5. Review confirmation email

  • After the process is complete you will receive a confirmation email via your UAH gmail listing the following:
    • Student's A Number
    • Student's Name
    • Letter Grade
    • Percentage Grade

6. Verify grades in Banner

  • Verify that each student received the appropriate letter grade in Banner.
  • If any adjustments need to be made you can manually adjust grades in Banner or resubmit grades via Canvas.
    Note: S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory), and I (Incomplete) grades cannot be pushed from Canvas. These grade designations must be manually entered in Banner. 
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