How do I use Ursula to grant or revoke a user's access to something?

OIT has a web-based tool that allows designated users to manage group membership for their area. One example might be a department supervisor adding or removing new hires or student workers.

To manage group members, follow the instructions below:

  • First navigate to this link: and sign in using your admin-ChargerID account.
    • Note: You must be on the UAH network or using the campus VPN.
  • Click My Groups in the left column, then select the group you need to manage from the list in the right side of the window.

screenshot of the My Groups tab as described above

  • The page that loads should contain a few different sections, but below the first section should be a list and a header that says Manually added Members.
    • To add a user to the group, type the user's Charger ID in the box and click Add. You should see the name added to the list (or the total number of members change if it's not on the first set of results).
    • To remove one or several users from the group, click to select the user(s) from the list below and then click Remove selected.

screenshot of the Manually added Members section as described above

  • Once you've added the new user you must update and sync the change to the server side. Above the Manually added Members section should be a button that says Update. Click that to start syncing the changes. The email recipients in the box above it are just the ones that will get a notification of the change, so you will want to leave that one as-is right now.

screenshot of the Update section as described above

  • You should see something that says Syncing while it's still making the changes, but it will change to Synced once complete. After that any new user should be able to access the group's shared resources and removed users should no longer have access.

For further questions about Ursula or using the UAH Identity management tool, please contact the OIT Help Desk.


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