How to Migrate Your UAH Google Account to a Personal Account


Learn how to migrate emails and files from your UAH student account to your personal account?



Student email accounts expire three consecutive semesters (or approximately 1 year) after the last term enrolled. This is in accordance with the UAH policy on Network, Computer, and Email Account Administration. For more information on student account expiration, visit our article I'm a former student. Why am I losing access to Google Workspace/Email?

We encourage you to copy any historical Mail, Drive, and other Workspace content you need before the account expires. Please also let your contacts know where to reach you in the future and make sure no other account references the UAH email address for account recovery.

Options for Data Migration

There are several options available to you for migrating your UAH account data to a personal account. Read below to review your options and choose the method right for you.

Google Takeout Transfer

Google Takeout Transfer is one of the most straightforward solutions available to copy and transfer data directly from your Alumni Google Account to a personal Google Account. This process allows you to transfer your Gmail mail and Drive files from your account directly to a free account.

If you are planning to transfer only your emails and Drive files to a personal account, this is the solution for you.

To begin transferring your email and Drive content, please visit the related article "Transfer Your UAH Google Account Data With Google Takeout Transfer".

Google Takeout

Google Takeout allows you to download any of your data associated with its services. This includes your emails, Drive content, Calendar events, Chat history, and more.

If you are looking to download a backup of your data and/or import your data directly into another service, this is the solution for you.

To begin downloading your account data, please visit the related article "Download Your UAH Google Account Data With Google Takeout".

Gmail POP

Google allows you to transfer all of your emails from one inbox to another using Gmail POP.

If you only need to transfer your emails from your alumni account to a personal account, this is the solution for you.

To begin transferring your emails, please visit the related article "Import Your UAH Emails Using Gmail POP".

Third-Party App

There are several third-party applications available to assist in migrating your account data. One such example is VaultMe, which copies your Google account data to a Google, Outlook, or other email account for a fee.

If the previous solutions do not work for you, you might consider using one of these third-party apps. However, OIT does not necessarily recommend one third-party solution over another or provide support for these applications.

Additional Tips

To further prepare for the expiration of your UAH student account, consider doing the following.

  • Inform others of your new email account by emailing your contacts with the information.
  • Set a "vacation responder" on the student account. See for more information.
  • Note that new email messages addressed to the UAH address will bounce after it expires.
  • If you used the UAH email to register for any external services (Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, etc.) or used that as your recovery address, change that so you don't lose access to the other service.

What happened to the Google Migration tool in the OIT Portal?

In the past, you could migrate your mail from your UAH email account to another Google Mail account using a migration tool in the OIT User Services Portal. OIT has retired this service due to changes to Google’s security standards and the discontinuation of accounts. Instead, we recommend utilizing Google's Takeout Transfer tool.

Still Need Help?

If you need help completing these steps or experience an issue along the way, please contact the OIT Help Desk.



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