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Services or Offerings?
OIT coordinates the telephone transfer and network connectivity change only.

Need assistance with your office phone?

Need a laptop or desktop computer to be moved (to a different office/department or to surplus)?

Experiencing a wired network connectivity issue on campus? Is there a problem in your office or residence hall?

UAH students who live on campus have access to Xfinity On Campus. This is a service coordinated through UAH Office of Housing and Residence Life. The only aspect that OIT supports is the login process because access is authenticated by using the resident's Charger ID and password.

Experiencing an issue with software used on your workstation?

Need assistance with voicemail?

Need assistance with UAH web site?

Need help with something that may not be IT-related?

Need Wi-Fi access for attendees of an upcoming campus event?

Need assistance using Chargerware?