Tabletop Phones: Usage from Off Campus

If you would like to be reachable via phone from off campus, but you aren't interested in using our mobile phone app for this purpose, it's also possible to pick up the phone off of your desk and take it off campus. This requires three things:

  • The approval of your supervisor. (Your desk phone belongs to your department, not to the Office of Information Technology.)
  • An Internet connection via Ethernet cable at the desired location.
  • An injector to supply the power the phone would normally draw from its Ethernet wall jack at UAH.

Since most home Ethernet connections do not supply power, the injector is necessary to "inject" the power into the Ethernet connection. If you would like a power injector, please request one from Telecommunications.

To set up the phone off campus:

  1. Connect the port on the injector marked "DATA & POWER" to your phone.
    • When holding the injector label side up, this port is on the left.
    • Connect it to the port closest to the edge of the phone.
  2. Connect the injector to wall power.
    • If the phone does not light up within 30 seconds, make sure you have used the correct port on the injector, and on the phone.
    • It doesn't hurt anything to reconnect the cable to the other port(s) until it works.
  3. Once the phone is starting up, connect the port on the injector marked "DATA" to your Internet connection.

Now that the phone is online, you can log into the phone. The one-time procedure is as follows:

  1. Wait for the loading symbol to display.
    • A message like "Verify your network connection" may also appear; this is normal.
    • If the phone asks for a service domain, skip to step 7.
  2. Press the gear/cog button to display the Settings menu.
    • You will use the directional buttons surrounding the circle button to navigate this menu.
  3. Move the cursor to "Admin settings," then press the circle button to select.
  4. Move the cursor to "Reset settings," then press the circle button to select.
  5. Move the cursor to "Service mode," then press the circle button to select.
  6. Press the button under the on-screen word "Reset" to confirm this action.
    • The phone will restart.
  7. Enter the service domain "" at the prompt, then press the button under "Continue."
    • You may need to switch to entering letters by pressing the button under "ABC".
    • You will be entering letters by pressing each key multiple times. For instance, entering the letter "u" requires you to press the number 8 two times.
      • This method of entry is similar to sending text messages on a Nokia, Motorola RAZR, or other "candy bar" or flip phone.
      • Don't worry; you only have to enter three things.
    • To enter the period, press the number 1 two times.
  8. At the prompt for your username, enter your, then move the cursor to the Password field.
    • To enter the period, press the number 1 two times. To enter the @, press the number 1 three times.
  9. At the prompt for your password, enter your Charger password, then press the button under "Sign in."

If the sign-in was successful, you will see "Phone is registering." After a brief delay, your phone will begin functioning as normal.

If you have trouble with this procedure, please submit a trouble ticket.


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