One of our employees has left UAH. Can we remove their association to their former phone and extension?

When an employee leaves UAH, their Charger account is disabled automatically. This action prevents the former employee from accessing the phone and voicemail online (for example, by using the Jabber app).

However, there are a few important caveats to this automated process:

  • If the employee is still affiliated with UAH in some other capacity, for example, as a student, then their Charger account remains active, and they're still considered the owner of that phone and extension.
  • When the Charger account is disabled, it's still possible for callers to leave voicemails for the extension, and the voicemail PIN for the extension is not reset.
  • The Caller ID, phone display, and other related fields will still show the former employee's name.

Due to these limitations, many departments find it desirable to proactively remove the association between the user and the phone/extension. To accomplish this, the owner's former manager should, including language like "Please remove all associations between John Smith ( and extension 8765." It's important to avoid language such as "remove their name from the phone" - merely changing the display of the phone doesn't remove the former employee's access to voicemail and other resources.

When this process is complete:

  • The phone display will read "No Owner," "Not Associated," or similar, to remind you to associate it with the new employee once they are onboarded.
  • It won't be possible for callers to leave voicemail messages for this extension (though special accommodations can be made for this purpose).
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