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Chargerware is a website that provides current UAH students, faculty, and staff with access to download software for PC, MAC, and Linux.

Download Products:

See the products available to you by visiting Chargerware at It is a Google site which uses Google Drive for file storage. If you choose to download a file, you will be prompted to log in. If you are not already logged into your Web browser with your address and password, provide those credentials. No files are available to users outside the domain. Software is available based on your role; some products are only available to UAH faculty and staff due to licensing restrictions.

To purchase Microsoft software products not listed here for University-owned computers, faculty and staff should contact our reseller, Softchoice. Lincy Varghese is our point of contact there. His email address is Please provide him with a product title, description, and, if possible, the manufacturing SKU.

To purchase other software not listed in Chargerware (such as Adobe Cloud), faculty and staff members should contact UAH Procurement. UAH does not currently have a campus-wide software offering for Adobe software or subscriptions.

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