Advantages of Using Google Sync instead of IMAP for Outlook

Read the article that follows to learn about why and how to use G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO).

Get Started with GSSMO

Download G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook®, otherwise known as GSSMO. Visit to get started.

Tips for using GSSMO

  • It is important to consider the local mailbox size that you set because a larger local mailbox file means slower performance for Outlook on your computer. See this link for more information about that.
  • To save yourself the time and inconvenience of choosing a profile each time you open Outlook, you can disable the prompting for which profile to use when outlook starts under Windows Control Panel > Mail settings, and click Show Profiles. See this link for more information about that.

Why Use GSSMO?

UAH is a Google Suite campus, so performance is best when using Google's native apps. If you are determined to use Outlook, please note that it works most efficiently in conjunction with GSSMO. There are several reasons to prefer the GSSMO. See the list below for some examples:

  • Synchronizes email, calendar, and contacts -- not just email data.

  • Uses the offline Gmail protocol for email, which is much faster than IMAP or other methods.

  • Makes scheduling meetings with your colleagues easy with Free/Busy lookup and Global Address List functionality, whether they use Outlook's calendar or Google Calendar.

  • Includes a migration assistant which can upload email/calendar/contact data into your Outlook account.

  • Auto-updates itself, so there is no administration overhead.

  • Uses a MAPI connection type, the same as would be used between Outlook and Exchange.

  • Creates a second outlook profile to isolate the new configuration.


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