Former students who wish to unsubscribe from UAH mass email

Are you a former student who is receiving campus email messages after you graduated or otherwise left UAH?

Please note that the Network, Computer, and E-mail Account Administration policy allows for student email accounts to remain active for three terms from the last term in which they were registered. Email messages addressed to the UAH Google Group for students will be sent to all active student email addresses. An automated process maintains the membership of that Google Group, so removing a user from that group is an action that is automatically undone within 24 hours.

If you do not wish to receive/see these messages...

You can do the following to no longer see the emails sent to the Student Google Group.

  • Change the email delivery preference in the Google Group to "Don't send email updates." If you choose to remove yourself from the group, you'll be re-added until you're no longer in the active student group.
    • Visit and sign in
    • Click the Google Apps icon in the top right corner (looks like a tic-tac-toe board)
    • Click Groups
    • Click My groups
    • Choose the students group
    • In the upper-right corner, click My Settings
    • Click the list of options beside Email delivery preference
    • Choose the Don't send email updates option
  • Filter messages that are sent to the Google Group so that they're automatically deleted or archived.
  • Choose to stop checking the email account after leaving UAH and remove any automated filter/rule that could be forwarding UAH email to another email address. It may be necessary to remove the account from your mobile device if mail to that account is no longer of interest to you.

When will it end?

  • After the drop/add period ends in the semester that follows your third consecutive semester to not enroll, OIT sends notifications to warn affected users that the email account will be deactivated. A manual process is followed to change the status of the record from being an active student record to being an inactive student record. It is at this time that the address will no longer be included in the Student Google Group.
  • Essentially, the messages addressed to active students will be sent to the addresses of former students for approximately 13 months after the end of the last term enrolled.

Where can you find more information about this?

  • View the applicable UAH policy here. The following is an excerpt.
    • Students who leave before graduation - Students who leave the university may keep their e-mail account for three terms from the last term in which they were registered. All other account privileges will be revoked at the time of separation.
    • Alumni - Alumni may retain e-mail privileges on their primary account for one year (or three terms) after graduation. Alumni will be provided an alumni account shortly after graduation for their continued use. Alumni who would like to request an account may register for e-mail privileges by going to the Alumni Website ( All other account privileges will be revoked at the time of separation.
  • Read about how to unsubscribe from a group here.
  • More about creating and editing a filter here.


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